The Soča river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe and its an important natural value of the Triglav national park. It is famous for her emerald colour and lively rapids upstream. Soča river is 137 km long alpine river with mysterious karst springs in Trenta, under the foot of the majestic julian Alps. Its a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, kayakers, fishermen, photographers and those looking for relaxation in nature. Fishing on the river Soča is the jewel in Slovenias fly – fishing crown. It is not just the beauty of the crystal clear emerald water, but also its setting in the julian Alps that attracts fishermen form over the world each year

The source of Učja river is in Italy and covers 6.1 km before it enters the Soča. It is a swift Alpine river, but very inaccessible. Access is somewhat easier only at the country border and near its confluence with Soča river, below žaga. Its waters contain trout, river bull- head and grayling near the confluence.